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Attune, formerly Senseware, a leader in IoT with 45 patents, brings new levels of awareness concerning indoor air quality by connecting all monitoring data into one easy to use platform. It provides real-time assurance in critical areas such as indoor air quality, energy consumption, risk of water leaks, equipment status, and more. Attune is the only customizable indoor air quality monitoring solution on the market. To learn more visit: www.attuneiot.com Our advanced wireless platform delivers building owners, operators, and facility managers a simple and affordable way to integrate, monitor, and control all of their systems. Our cloud-hosted platform's combination of patent-pending hardware and software enables a wide range of applications from energy management, equipment-level monitoring, HVAC control solutions, and more through our easy-to-use interface or the software of your choosing. We're wrangling all of your things into one system for optimizing facility performance, meeting regulatory requirements, and reducing costs.

Aware is a cloud intelligence platform that adopts the latest advancements in cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and behavioral analytics to amplify enterprise value by monitoring the social graph. They harness the power of their platform’s insights into human behavior and interactivity to create great value for the enterprise. They have only built a fraction of what they imagined and now they are looking for incredibly talented people to help us achieve their aspirational vision.

Digital product consulting & creation firm for competitive advantage.

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Axuall is a workforce intelligence company built on a national real-time practitioner data network. Axuall offers a holistic approach to workforce analytics, including an integrated platform for driving smarter decisions and quickly onboarding providers. It enables healthcare systems, staffing firms, telehealth, and health plans to reduce onboarding and enrollment time while also providing unique, powerful data insights for network planning, analytics, and reporting.

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A Cleveland web design & web application development firm that specializes in web design, web application development, SEO, SEM, content strategy, and mobile. C

Beam Dental is a digital-first provider of dental benefits for businesses. The company's product experience focuses on ease-of-use and tailored pricing that is fundamentally built on preventive care. Beam incorporates rewards for dental hygiene into policy pricing.

Bold Penguin is a commercial insurance exchange that connects customers, agents, and carriers to match the right quote in record time. With a heavy focus on the agents, Bold Penguin pushes the boundaries of user experience for businesses, an easy tool for agents, and a streamlined process of underwriting for carriers. The company operates an Exchange which utilizes a set of solutions to identify, triage, quote, and bind commercial insurance in a highly efficient and tech-enabled way. It plans to deliver on the platform enhancements which include more flexibility in how the core technology is leveraged by enterprise customers, expanding in excess and surplus lines. The Company offers a streamlined process of underwriting for carriers in commercial property and casualty insurance services. Bold Penguin was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Central Ohio Transit Authority is the region’s mobility solutions provider. COTA is driven each day to solve the mobility needs of the community by utilizing technology and data, establishing community partnerships, and applying sustainability principles that provide equitable access to jobs, healthcare, and education.

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Through the application of its secure, patent-pending technology, CHAMP ends the reliance on legacy systems to manage U.S. automobile titles. CHAMP partners with each party in the vehicle title ecosystem to reduce their costs in handling titles, turning the burdensome administrative process of issuing a vehicle title into a profitable activity.

Clarigent Health delivers artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for the early detection of mental health conditions such as distress, suicide ideation, and other types of behavioral health issues. It aims to direct the most appropriate treatment plan for an individual. Clarigent Health was founded in 2018 and is based in Mason, Ohio.

Clarus R+D helps innovative companies claim the R&D tax credits they’ve earned. We are trusted by hundreds of founders, CPAs, and partners across the country due to our industry expertise and specialized focus. We evaluate the opportunity for each client, provide a personalized plan to maximize the R&D credit, and generate the necessary supporting documentation to ensure monetization and IRS compliance.

Dash Technologies is a global professional services company focused on helping businesses optimize their data through custom software offerings. We’re technology experts with a passion for bringing concepts to life. By leveraging a unique, consultative process and an agile development approach, we translate business challenges into technology solutions. Whether you’re a start-up, or a Fortune 500 company, we’ll deliver programming and coding tailored to your project, so you can focus on the vision—and let us handle the execution. Our core skill set: Listening. Where we excel: Speed-to-market. What makes us different: Delivering success quickly and accurately through our proprietary processes.